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Lighting Trends

Calling LED lighting a trend is not an accurate description. LED lighting (light emitting diode) is here to stay. With the push to reduce energy consumption LEDs are the perfect fix as they are eighty-four percent more efficient than the standard incandescent bulb.

LEDs have been around for sometime but they have become more mainstream in the past five years as the initial costs of the product has been reduce and the manufacturing techniques are improving.

We are accustomed to the warm tones of incandescent, a color which is not easy to achieve with a LED fixture. The bulbs are usually labeled warm white or cool white however two lights from the very same batch can be two different colors of warm or cool. This is a problem that is maddening to a designer, we want them all to be the exact same color temperature to compliment the materials we are using in a room.

The other difficulty I have experienced with LEDs is dimming the fixtures. Not even the fixture manufacturer will list the best type of dimming control to use with their product. Should it be an electronic dimmer or a magnetic dimmer? They have told me you just need to try several and see which one will work. Really? Dimmers are not inexpensive.

Well, enough about the negative. As I said, LED lighting is here to stay. As with all new inventions these too will improve with time and demand. If you get a little cranky over the color just compare your electric bill to the year before and enjoy the savings.