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Are you thinking about moving to a condo or perhaps remodeling the one you are in?

The first thing you need to do before you buy or start to remodel is check with the Home Owner's Association (HOA) rules and regulations. In many states it is illegal to sell a condominium without the buyer signing off on reading and understanding the HOA restrictions. Unfortunately, that is not true in Ohio.

I recently had a client who was told by well meaning realtors and past association leadership she could do whatever she wanted as long the changes did not interfere with another unit's view only to find out after the sale this was no longer true. Ohio law changed a few years back making it next to impossible to change the exterior of you condominium even if it is an improvement.

What you need to do is put everything in writing to the HOA, what you plan to do even if is simply painting and if you do want to do remodeling, get permission first, in writing, before you invest one penny in an architect or designer