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Design Comes in Many Shapes



A few years ago I became a member of the Akron Garden Club and have enjoyed my membership imensley. Not only have I had the opportunity to meet many new women I can now call my friend, I am learning the elements of design as applied to other areas of beauty.

Our club is filled with incredibly talented women whose expertice covers conservation, ecology, horticulture, photography and flower arranging. Every one is there to share their knowledge in order to help our community and beyond.

This past weekend The Akron Garnden Club sponcered a flower show held at the Akron Art Museum. The entries were spectacular. As a Novice, I entered five catagories taking home one first place for a Dogwood, a second, and three honorable mentions.

Although I only received an honorable mention for my photograph, I learned so much in the process I want to share it with all of you. This is an entry for the kaleidoscope catagory. The photo started as a tulip, I than cropped and manipulated the image until I came up with the final photo shown here.

Many thanks to Jane Rogers and Sue Klein for their patience and guidence at our photography workshops.