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A New Year with a New Look



There is always excitment in the air when we put up our Christmas decorations. The memories of Christmases past, ornaments handed down through the generations, and the smell of cookies baking.

All is wonderful until January 2nd when everything needs to come down. The tree dropping its needles, wilted garland, and the stale cookies to be tossed. Why did we bake so many?

At last it is all gone, and what a relief. Nothing has changed, but your home now seems lighter and sometimes a bit empty. Stand back and take a good look around and see your home through the eyes of a first time visiter. Are you still happy with the furniture plan or the accessories that have been in the same place for fifteen years because that is where you placed it when you bought it?

Now is the perfect opportunity to switch things up and give your home a new look without spending one penny. Move your accessories from one room to another, change your seating arrangement, and rearrange some of the art work. You will be amazed at the difference these changes can make.

Shown here is the same setting, I have simply moved the chairs from one spot to another. One is not better nor worse, right nor wrong. Just a change to bring in the new year.

Have a Happy New Year.