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Visual Clues

I just returned from a conference in Colorado where we stayed at the Ritz in Bacelor's Gulch. One hears the name Ritz-Carlton and you think the finest.

Overall the hotel was lovely, clean, and the room functional but by the end of my stay I felt very much like a lab rat in a maze taking part in a human study.

The corridores were long and narrow with low ceilings. I counted five turns to make it to my room which often took me a few wrong turns before I finally made to the right place.

This experience reinforced my belief for the need to have visual clues in spaces to allow you to know where you are. When I walked out of my room, was I to go left or right? How would I know, there was nothing to tell me.

The obvious solution to the problem would have been good signage. but visual clues can be even more effective. Through decorative features ranging from strategically hung art work to changes in wall color. Furniture placement and carpet pattern are other ways to help guide you through a space complex space.

I can't think of anything worse for a hotel and its designer than to have a guest lost in an undistiguished space.